Call for Scores.

We encourage submissions for musical works of up to 12 minutes in duration, using animated, rule-based, reactive, interactive or other situational and technology-based scores, to be performed during the conference.

Categories :

  •  Real-time notation & animated scores
  •  Comprovisation/Improvisation
  •  Digital scores for interactive movement, audiovisual & performance art
  •  Instrumental theater/musical theatre

Works in all categories may use video, multimedia, fixed tape and/or live electronics.

Available ensembles and musicians:

  •  Singers from Neue Vocalsolisten : dramatic soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, bass with or without accordion and/or electronics. Detailed tessitura are accessible here.
  •  C Barré Ensemble: Saxophone (all saxophones), cello, percussion, accordion, with or without electronics.
  •  Small combinations between available forces are encouraged.

Submission guidelines:

Pieces can be old or new, they must be presented as follows :
  •   In a PDF with screenshot and a detailed explanation of their artistic and technological paradigms, their approach to musical practice and – very important – their technological implementation, including material and human assistance required.
  •  This PDF should also include a max. 250 word artist’s bio, and a link to a max. 5 min YouTube/Vimeo video that demonstrates the score in action.
  •  Please note that at least one of the artists per piece needs to register and attend the conference in order for the piece to be presented.
  •  Works must be submitted by January 30th 2022 via the email address.
  •  For any inquiry :